"The world is my clinic and classroom"

I'll take this opportunity to introduce myself. I'm an audiologist.

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Introduction to Audiology Today

This blog is an announcement of a new textbook for undergraduates taking their first course in audiology, for Doctor of Audiology students who are preparing for a national examination, or for practicing audiologists who are interested in a current update on the profession.
Posted: 05-28-14

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Robert A. Jahrsdoerfer (1930-2014): Scholar, Gentleman, and the Most Supportive Otolaryngologist an Audiologist Could Ever Ask For

My good friend Roger Ruth (1950-2009) was about mid-way through his 30-year career as Director of Audiology at the University of Virginia when he called me one day in early 1982.
Posted: 04-20-14

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I provide a variety of consulting services related to audiology and hearing.Take a look at some of the projects I've participated in during the past few years.

Upon request I serve as an expert witness in professional liability litigation involving audiology, hearing loss, and related disorders.

Evaluations of my lectures, presentations, and workshops by attendees are consistently in the highest range. Here are some of my most recent presentations.

Presentations ranging from 1-hour lectures to multi-day workshops. In this section you'll be able to find my current lecture topics, with a brief introduction to each theme.


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Click here and take a look at the variety of books authored and co-authored by James W. Hall III

I am personally and professionally committed to contributing to the expansion of audiology, audiology services, and audiology education throughout the world, and especially in developing countries.

Summary of courses I teach and a listing of my past and current university affiliations

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